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Disability Income Protection Insurance

Individual disability insurance is used to replace lost income if you are disabled or cannot work due to an injury or illness. At 3000 Insurance Group, we can tailor a disability insurance policy to fit your needs. Many studies say that 1 in 4 workers will have a long-term disability by the age of 65, so this coverage is crucial to protect your most important asset.

An individual disability insurance policy is a good way to cover income losses even if you have some employer-paid coverage. Typically, disability premiums paid by you are not taxed but employer-paid benefits are. There are 2 types of individual disability insurance policies - long-term and short-term.

Basic types of Disability Insurance:

  • Individual disability income policy

  • Social Security disability benefits

  • Employer paid benefits

Let a 3000 Insurance Group agent explain the different options you have when considering individual disability insurance. Contact us today to learn more!

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