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3000 Insurance Group


3000 Insurance Group’s expertise and stability come from the strength of two legacy insurance agencies, passed down through generations and joined together as one. From our first day as 3iG, we have lived our belief that our success comes from putting your needs first. No matter your knowledge of insurance, we work with you to ensure you understand your options for protecting your future. We are dedicated to building relationships and being a trusted advisor for all your personal and commercial insurance needs.

Generations of Experience, Here for You Today

  • 1955 – M.R. Brackin Sr. works with the Oklahoma Bar Association to endorse a disability income protection product for its members.
  • 1962 – M.R. Brackin Jr. gains the endorsement from the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants for similar products.
  • 1972 – Stan Alexander and Bob Strunk, leave their separate insurance companies and establish their own agency, Alexander & Strunk, Inc. The Oklahoma Dental Association endorsement quickly follows. Stan uses his connections as a Village City Councilman
  • to build business and subsequently the two rent an office in the Village.
  • 1979 – Stan and Bob gain the endorsement of the Hardware and Implement Association and business flourishes.
  • 1985 – Bob hires his teenage sons, Joe and Guy Strunk, to do filing and janitorial work for the office, introducing them to the inner workings of the insurance business.
  • 1986 – Dick Beale, an agent working for M.R.Brackin takes the opportunity to acquire the business.
  • 1990 – Dick enlists his daughter, Jennifer Beale, to help with paperwork at the office.
  • 1994 – While working in college, Jennifer takes on a larger role with Beale Professional Services and establishes the Accountant’s Professional Liability Program.
  • 1995 –The Oklahoma City Bombing claims the life of Guy Strunk’s mother-in-law. Living out of state, Guy decides it’s time to move his family back home. Working as an insurance adjuster, Guy’s employer finds him a position in Oklahoma.
  • 1996 – Dick Beale changes the name of M.R. Brackin to Beale Professional Services.
  • 1997 –While finishing his master’s degree, Joe Strunk makes a career change from engineering to the family business. That same year, Jennifer Beale graduates college and accepts a full-time Sales & Marketing position with Beale Professional Services.
  • 1999 – Alexander & Strunk gains its first endorsed product for the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians.
  • 2002 – Guy Strunk joins the family business and takes on the dental commercial department.
  • 2007 – Joe and Guy buy the agency from Stan and Bob. Bob retires and Stan stays on as an advisor and agent.
  • 2010 – Dick Beale considers retirement. Joe Strunk, Jennifer Beale, and Guy Strunk buy the agency from Dick and start planning a merger of the two brands.
  • 2011 – Joe, Guy, and Jennifer buy a building located at 3000 NW 149th Street.
  • 2013 – The three partners create 3000 Insurance Group, named for its new address at 3000 NW 149th Street. Also that year, Beale Professional Services gains the endorsement of the Association of Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners.